What Are The Top Three Most Popular Hair Removal Methods?

Once upon a time, the only way that men and women could remove body hair was to shave it off. Fortunately for us all, that is no longer the case! Today, there are choices that provide significantly better results without the risk of cutting your skin wide open!

Rather than counting blades and trying to figure out which lubrication strip will work best to protect your skin, you should be comparing waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal systems in order to get rid of your unwanted hair. In the long run, it will save you time and money to invest in one of these strategies.

Waxing was the first of these shaving alternatives to hit the salons, and many folks still swear by it to this day. This treatment can be used to get rid of everything from bushy eyebrows to hairy feet and everything in between.

One of the downsides to waxing is that you must let the hair grow out sufficiently for the wax to adhere to it. However, you only have to do this every few weeks because the treatments last for a while. If you are diligent in your waxing, the hairs will become thinner over time.

Electrolysis is another way that you can opt to have your hair removed. This involves zapping the hair follicle with an electrical current in order to slow and eventually stop hair growth. This can be a painful and time consuming process at first. However, it provides permanent results after several treatments and you don’t have to worry about letting your hair grow out in between. You will have significantly better results visiting a professional than if you attempt some procedure on your own. Electrolysis in San Diego is extremely popular with many botique hair removal locations poping up around the city. Due it is climate, it has become a city know for electorlysis hair removal.

The third option for hair removal that many women swear by these days is lasers. Rather than physically penetrating the hair follicle, this form of hair removal works by a special light that reaches the root. However, in order for this to work correctly you need to have light colored skin and dark hair in the area you wish to treat. It is the darker pigmentation that the laser will burn, so if you have blonde hairs nothing will happen.

All of these hair removal methods can create pain during and after treatment. Make sure that you opt for a professional treatment center when you are having any of these procedures done. While there are home kits, you run the risk of permanently damaging your skin if you handle it incorrectly.

Talk to the center beforehand and ask what type of precautions you need to take before coming in to your appointment. For instance, in some cases it might be recommended that you take ibuprofen thirty minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin. Likewise, follow your aftercare instructions carefully.

Hair removal has come a long way! Decide for yourself which of these modern methods of treatment you want to get rid of your unwanted and unsightly body hair.

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