Hot Tub Yoga

YogaYoga sessions and using the hot tub are both thought of as relaxing pursuits. Did you know you can do them together? Several yoga poses are conducive to the hot tub, making it easier to stretch your body and relax your mind. Below, we’ve listed some benefits, plus a few of the best yoga poses for optimum physical and mental health.


Who Benefits from Hot Tub Yoga?


Almost anyone can benefit from hot tub yoga, because the goal is to be healthy while remaining relaxed. Athletes, for example, are used to rigorous workouts and stretching routines. This can cause psychological stress and increase the amount of lactic acid in their bodies. Hot tub yoga can reduce both of these. Non-athletes can benefit from hot tub yoga too, because it’s not a formalized workout. There’s no need to worry about messing up or not burning enough calories. In fact, the goal is to clear the mind, which can help with more rigorous tasks later.


People who find any level of exercise difficult will find reprieve in hot tub yoga. Senior citizens with sore or arthritic muscles will gain relief through the hot water, and muscle tone will improve with gentle stretching. The same goes for people with physical disabilities who may have hypertonia or hypotonia. Traditional exercise might be hard on them, but the simple poses of yoga will offer health benefits without pain or stress.


What Poses Should I Use?


There are plenty of poses appropriate for the hot tub. Here are a few:


  • Half-Boat. Sit on the edge of a seat in the hot tub, back straight, hands on the seat, with knees bent. Lift half-bent legs with shins parallel to the water’s surface, and then straighten your arms out toward your shins.
  • Breakwater. Stand up straight in the middle of the hot tub, feet at hip width. Place your arms out in front of you and turn right using only your torso. Repeat on other side.
  • Crab. Stretch your legs across the tub using the seats. Place your hands in the Namaste pose and squat down, keeping your backbone axis from tailbone to head.

Always be sure to use a spotter for safety when participating in activities like hot tub yoga.

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