A lot of people wish they had space for a pool in their yards. The main reason is due to the fact that swimming is great exercise for a bunch of various reasons– the buoyancy of the water takes tension and pressure off the joints, which implies water aerobics are ideal for those with restricted mobility. In addition, swimming laps is an efficient cardiovascular exercise that gets the heart pumping and all 4 limbs moving.

Advantages of a Swim Spa vs. a Swimming Pool

When homeowners do not have room for a full size swimming pool however are looking for a similar solution, swim spas are a good answer. They’re compact and be available in sizes small enough for the smallest backyards and have the option to be above-ground and in-ground. Swim spas are likewise more energy-efficient. They offer the relaxing benefits of a hot tub with the workout opportunities of a full-size swimming pool.


Swim spas have jets like a hot tub, so they can be used for relaxation very quickly. Their plus size in comparison to a standard hot tub also implies that they will fit more individuals, usually approximately 5 for seating capacity and more for non-seating.

Physical fitness

Among the most apparent usages for a swim spa is physical fitness. They’re built especially for those who want to take part in low-impact workout (the smaller sized designs) or take pleasure in the benefits of a good, long swim (the larger designs). The majority of are built to accommodate devices such as resistance bands, water treadmills, and more. Many individuals select to buy a swim spa because it is the best maker for low-impact workout and does not overtax the joints for rehibilitation.

How Do Swim Spas Work?

A swim spa is a small size, usually anywhere from 12 to 15 feet long and about 7 feet wide. Models are powered in a different way– individuals who want to be able continually swim like they are in open water require a more powerful current than those who want to utilize their swim spa for casual exercise or rehabilitation.

Ultimately, there is a variety of models for different kinds of uses, from light workout and hot tub usage to the more major swimmer who desires to be able to train efficiently. There are different designs to fit the needs and desires of every Swim Spa user. Swim spas are a smart buy for anyone who desires the advantages of a full-size swimming pool in a more cost-effective and compact package.

No matter what size swim spa you decide on it will need to have a Swim Spa Cover that’s easy to use. Unfortunately all Custom Swim Spa Covers are not created equal.

Traditional rigid foam filled Custom Swim Spa Covers will always get saturated and too heavy to lift. On a regular size spa this can be bad enough but on a swim spa it can become dangerous.

At SpaCap.com they have been building easy to use Custom Swim Spa Covers for years. Visit SpaCap.com and get one for your new swim spa and you’ll have the only Swim Spa Cover that is light enough to use with one hand.

Backyard Swim Spa Style

Decks, patios and yards are all about relaxing. That’s why a hot tub or swim spa fits in so well. Let’s presume you’re just considering including a Swim Spa.


Strategy to use your swim spa all year long. It’s more versatile than a summers-only swimming pool. Move furnishings, or add a hot tub umbrella when the seasons alter.

Keep it simple: you might just require matching actions and planters around your Swim Spa.

Produce a leafy, natural retreat around your Swim Spa, for personal privacy and charm. Don’t wait for trees to develop– ivy-covered trellises surrounding your Swim Spa work well, too. Nevertheless you wish to leave enough space to take the cover on and off quickly.


If you didn’t mature gardening, or you’re as nature-deprived as much of us seem to be these days, you may be daunted by the idea of looking after a lawn, not to discuss planning how it’s going to look.


(Plants, shrubs, yard are thought about softscape). A Swim Spa must be thought of as hardscaping, especially if you’re planning to surround it with decking.

Get the huge picture. Nurseries loaded with exotic and colorful plants are appealing, specifically in the Spring, however they don’t constantly suit when we get them home. Many yards are arranged by a few strong components, like a green grassy lawn, rows of hedges, a patio area for amusing. Start with these dominant functions, and also choose how you will get to and from different areas. Then fill out the blanks with seasonal plants, furniture, and so on

Copy what you like. When you see something you like, think about adapting the idea for your lawn. Plants growing in your neighborhood are a safe bet (the climate supports them). Appreciate your next-door neighbor’s brand-new brick walkway? Request for the name of the bricklayer, or maybe the property owner has some suggestions for you! You can research how-to information online for almost any landscaping or outside improvement task.

Keep in mind when it’s time to replace your swim spa cover, SpaCap.com has been building lightweight, easy to make use custom swim spa covers longer than Swim Spas have been around.

Regardless of what dimension Swim Spa you choose, you’ll need a swim spa cover to go on it. For lots of people this starts as an after thought but this will certainly be a key to whether you continue to use your spa on a regular basis.

A foam filled swim spa cover is just a lot more sections of the exact same old hot tub covers. With the added height of a Swim Spa, a saturated swim spa cover could be downright dangerous.

At SpaCap.com they have actually been constructing lightweight, simple to utilize, custom swim spa covers for years. Several female owners report that they are able to open their SpaCap.com custom swim spa covers with one hand!

The trick to long term benefit from your Swim Spa investment is easy accessibility. If you have to go out and fight with a saturated foam cover you are mosting likely to use the spa less and less.

Do not allow this happen to you. Get the most from your Swim Spa for years to come. Go to SpaCap.com today and get a swim spa cover you can use easily everyday.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Swim Spa

Swim spas are the ideal blend of the home swimming pool and the relaxing hot tub. With a swim spa, you do not have to pick in between relaxing in the cool water or soaking up the warm jets. The only option you need to make is: where should I install my brand new spa? If you need additional convincing, here are a few reasons to get a swim spa:

Excellent Fitness Resource swim spa
The great aspect of swim spas is that they permit you to personalize your exercise regimen. Instead of reaching your peak swimming speed or constantly including laps to your regimen, you can stay in one place. With adjustable jets, you can change the quantity of resistance and present coming at you as you swim versus the jets. You will not have to turn around and swim laps to constantly improve; you simply have to focus on what you enjoy: swimming.

Pool and Spa in One
If you want to host a barbecue and swim party, your swim spa will get the job done perfectly. When you want a cozy, intimate evening in a hot tub, jump in your swim spa. No matter your choice, you’ll discover it. You might not have the ability to dive in a swim spa, however a rousing game of volley ball or “Marco Polo” is still an enjoyable possibility. Also, when you want the benefits of a swimming pool, however you don’t have the backyard size to accommodate one, swim day spas are the ideal choice.

Quickly Installed
Swim spas been available in an above-ground or in-ground alternative. If you’re choosing an in-ground setup, their compact and entire building and construction permit a fast, easy install. When you have the above-ground option, you can load it up and move it anywhere around the backyard or to your brand-new home without problem. In either case, you’ll be happy you purchased a swim spa.

At SpaCap.com, they have precisely what you need to keep those advantages going. They have actually been establishing Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have in fact been Swim Spas. Think of a Swim Spa Cover as easy to use as moving a comforter off your bed. SpaCap.com Custom Swim Spa Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up wetness which is simply what makes all other spa covers heavy.

Do not allow all the excellent your Swim Spa can do for you be wasted on a heavy, out-of-date Swim Spa Cover merely because that’s all your regional dealership has to offer. Order your own custom Swim Spa Cover from SpaCap.com, and get the most from your spa.

Why You Need a Swim Spa

Swim spas have actually really grown in appeal over the past few years, and also there are a variety of cost effective choices in the market. The problem is that several customers don’t understand why they need a swim spa, and some don’t even recognize what a swim spa is. Basically, it is a little pool or huge hot tub that produces a current, permitting swimmers to swim and get an exercise without having to acquire an unabridged pool and even turn at the wall. They likewise do not use up way too much room in your yard. The complying with are a few reasons that you should think about purchasing a swim spa.

Best of both worlds
Swim spas permit significant swimmers to obtain their exercise and remain in shape while likewise allowing them to unwind after that. Swim spas could typically be heated up, giving owners with a big hot tub to unwind in at the end of a lengthy day.

Since they are a lot smaller compared to a full-size swimming pool, swim spas are a lot easier to install and also leave you with more area on your home for various other tasks. They can be put either in the ground or on top of it, making them long-term or mobile as the homeowner picks.

Many advantage for your cash
While a hot tub aids to loosen up muscle mass as well as relieve pains and aches, and a pool enables you to extend your muscular tissues as well as get a great workout, a swim spa provides you all these wellness advantages.

At SpaCap.com we have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have actually been swim spas. Exactly what the spa supplier will desire to “toss in” with your swim spa cover is a rigid foam folding cover.

Do not settle for a big piece of foam filled rubbish that is just going to finish up in a land fill. Go to SpaCap.com and order one of their Custom Swim Spa Covers

Call SpaCap.com to find out even more regarding swim spas and shielding your hot tub or pool.

Introduction To Spa

In rigorous and most typical usage there is no genuine difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi. Both are used to describe tubs of hot water which use jets of forced air to produce bubbles and currents, either for strictly enjoyable or restorative functions. Jacuzzi is a brand name, and so strictly speaking it portrays just those hot tubs and spas made by the Jacuzzi Company.

More about the jacuzzi

In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi developed the first whirlpool health spa, which he utilized to call as the Roman. The Roman was based on the hydrotherapeutic pumps of Roy’s parents and grandparents, integrating them perfectly into a standalone system. Roy brought his development around the country, taking advantage of a national fascination with tidiness, and it ended up being an over night success to such a point that within a few brief years the brand has actually become virtually synonymous with the creation itself. In informal usage a hot tub is frequently viewed as identified from a Jacuzzi or spa by its absence of jets. In this sense any hot bath or basin of water could be correctly described as a spa. Regularly, however, it is utilized purposely when talking about such things as wood barrel hot tubs, frequently with wood-burning ranges or other alternative forms of heating.


Item literature, for instance, refers often to Jacuzzi hot tubs, providing the basic product and the brand name. If we accept the meaning of hot tub as being necessarily without jets, then the term jacuzzi hot tub ends up being an oxymoron. If you take a little time to examine brands, find a competent dealership, and test out the features, you’re sure to discover a hot tub that suits your budget and requirements.

Jacuzzi is a brand name, and so strictly speaking it depicts only those hot tubs and spas made by the Jacuzzi Company. In informal use a hot tub is typically seen as identified from a Jacuzzi or spa by its lack of jets. In this sense any hot bath or basin of water could be correctly referred to as a hot tub. If we accept the meaning of hot tub as being necessarily without jets, then the term Jacuzzi hot tub becomes an oxymoron.

No matter what you call your hot tub, you’ll still need to keep it covered. One of the biggest reasons homeowners stop using their hot tub is because it is expensive to heat the water before every use. Similarly, a lot of energy is required to keep an unprotected hot tub hot all winter. Simply putting a cover on your hot tub, however, can help hold the heat in and greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to keep it warm all the time. A good hot tub cover should also protect the hot tub from debris and from rain that will swiftly cool down the water. At SpaCap.com, we have been building outdoor hot tub covers for thirty years. Our hot tub covers not only insulate better but they also stay lightweight and easy to use.

The Medical Community And Hot Tubs

It doesn’t take much investigation to be able to come to the conclusion that the medical community is all in favor of the healing properties that are improved by the basic activity of relaxing in a hot tub.

It’s not almost relaxing, either, because there are trainers and professional athletes who have actually been utilizing the whirlpool impact with warm water to soothe professional athletes for several years.

Coaches and fitness instructors have actually understood for years exactly what the medical community is simply now advocating; by permitting submersion in hot water, a recovery can take place. No medications, no drugs, no shots, just some hot water.

Aren’t we just surprised by what expert athletes put their bodies through? View one game on Monday night football to acquire a regard of exactly what those men put themselves through for the sake of the game, that’s all you’ll need to start to understand that if they discover a recovery property in hot water, why should not we?

I keep in mind the motion picture North Dallas Forty from many years ago which has to do with the Dallas Cowboys’ football group. I remember a scene where the cam angle was as close to the real thing of remaining in the place of the player and for just a few moments, as the audience, could experience exactly what it must be like to play that video game as a pro. It was amazing! Men weighing more than 200 pounds, using cleats on their feet were really stepping on one another to obtain that football, it hurt to watch. Immediately after the game, it did not show the gamers at a bar, enjoying a beer together or at home with their families. What we saw was probably a lot more like the truth of players; they were bandaged up, moaning because of their sore muscles and they were neck high in a spa due to the fact that they understood, without a doubt, that by being in warm water they might gain some of the benefits of healing without the need for drugs.

Maybe I read too much into the movie, but the point is, the trainers and coaches of excellent professional athletes have actually been using the hot tub-method for healing for centuries and it is today, in the 21st Century that the medical community has gotten on board and backed the findings that being in a spa will help to recover aching muscles.

Today the medical profession is using the concept of hot tubs for recovery for all sort of medical issues; individuals with diabetes have been known to reduce their blood glucose with a constant use of a spa, individuals who have actually suffered a stroke have actually been able to have that almost-normal sensation they had prior to their stroke when they remain in a spa.

Perhaps it has taken a long time for the medical profession to endorse the use of hot tubs for recovery, however the bottom line is they have actually pertained to the conclusion which’s development.

Trainers and coaches have actually understood for years exactly what the medical profession is just now advocating; by allowing submersion in hot water, a recovery can happen. No medications, no drugs, no shots, just some hot water. What we saw was probably a lot more like the reality of gamers; they were bandaged up, groaning due to the fact that of their sore muscles and they were neck high in a hot tub due to the fact that they understood, without a doubt, that by sitting in hot water they might gain some of the benefits of recovery without the requirement for drugs.

Okay, now that we have given you all the reasons you need to rush out and buy a hot tub, we have one more thing to help you get the most benefit from it. Imagine getting all relaxed in your hot tub and then straining yourself trying to get a heavy Hot Tub Cover back onto your spa. You undo all the good that the therapy had done.

At SpaCap.com, they have been building Custom Hot Tub Covers for thirty years. Imagine a hot tub cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. SpaCap.com Custom Hot Tub Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your hot tub can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own custom made SpaCap.com, and change your life for the better. Okay, maybe I over shot that a little, but it will at least make it easier.

I’m Killing My Back Taking My Swim Spa Cover Off!

Even if you are physically strong a stiff breeze can catch the large flat surface area and the hot tub cover can easily get away from you. If you utilize your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to wrestle it off your swim spa, you require to consider a hot tub cover Lift.

Or better yet consider a cover that doesn’t employ rigid foam panels that can become saturated and heavy. The SpaCap hot tub cover is lightweight and built to stay that way. Many hot tub owners report that they can remove their SpaCap Hot Tub Covers with one hand. No lifter required.

A cover lift is a mechanical device that attaches to the swim spa cabinet body or deck and is developed to assist you remove your hot tub cover. There can be various approaches of operation but they all allow one person to easily and securely eliminate the cover from their hot tub. Providing the foam is not saturated. What happens then is the lifter mechanism will either tear the cover in half because the fabric hinge is not meant to handle the weight of saturated foam or worse, the lifter will be torn off the side of the hot tub.

Cover lifts can also serve another function, and that’s of storage while you are using your spa. When you remove the top you need to put it someplace. That regularly means putting it on the ground if you do not have a deck. Even if you do have a deck, you might not want a big swim spa cover blocking the way.

The simplest is a “slide”, which is a platform made of two metal or wood rails. You flip back your cover and slide it directly back onto the arms. Quick and basic, with nothing to break – other than for perhaps that pricey new swim spa cover you’ve just purchased. The friction of sliding the spa cover backward and forward might eventually damage the vinyl covering so this is something you have to enjoy carefully.

Or again you could just eliminate the need for a lifter by getting the only kind of cover that uses air instead of foam to insulate. A cover that is as easy to use as taking a fluffy comforter off a bed. Something designed by a single woman so she could use her hot tub by herself. The only swim spa cover that comes in Sunbrella Marine Fabric instead of vinyl. Imagine having a cover thats not only lightweight but that can match your decor. But lets keep going with the whole cover lifter idea.

Another variety shops the folded hot tub cover in a vertical position so that it obstructs the view on one side. Make sure that the cover can be locked in the up position so there is no risk it can fall back down, injuring someone.

Wait did that just say the cover could fall on you while your in the spa? That’s like the opposite of helpful.

A third kind of lift helps you to remove the hot tub cover and holds the folded cover behind the spa. It sometimes takes a little bit more effort to operate this kind, and you do need to have about a foot of clearance behind the spa for the cover. The lower profile removes the problem of an obstructed view.

This is also the most common type of cover lifter sold. What anyone can tell you is that it doesn’t help you fold the cover over the first time. So if the cover is too heavy to lift, it isn’t going to help you at all. And when they say, “It takes a little more effort to operate” it may qualify as the biggest understatement of the year.

One product to research thoroughly is whether the lift you are considering locations tension on center hinge of your spa cover. This hinge is usually not developed to bring the complete weight of the cover in a hanging position, and some kind of lifts can position a real strain on it. Just so there are not a surprises it would be clever to ask this concern before making your purchase. There are some after market kits that can prevent this issue, however that is at an additional expense. Some lifts are created to move to weight to the outer edge of the tub and eliminate the tension to the hinge.

Lifts are crafted to fit many different spa sizes and many spa cover raises can be set up by the homeowner utilizing tools you would normally have around your home.

Cover lifts can also serve one other function, and that’s of storage while you are utilizing your hot tub. Even if you do have a deck, you may not desire a substantial hot tub cover blocking the way.

After investing thousands of dollars on a swim spa, cover, chemicals, and operation costs, investing a couple of hundred dollars more for a cover lift will make your swim spa experience and the pressure on your back much less difficult.

If you use your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to wrestle it off your spa, you need to consider a hot tub cover Lift. Or better yet, think about getting a cover that won’t get heavy or break. Something like say the SpaCap

The friction of moving the spa cover back and forth might ultimately harm the vinyl covering so this is something you have to watch carefully.

A third type of lift assists you to remove the hot tub cover and holds the folded cover behind the spa. One item to research study thoroughly is whether the lift you are thinking about places stress on center hinge of your hot tub cover. Cover lifts can also serve one other function, and that’s of storage while you are utilizing your hot tub.

Hot Tubs for Hydrotherapy

If you’ve ever experience chronic pain or arthritis or any number of ailments, you might unknown that one of the very best recovery residential or commercial properties available to us today, is the capability to sit in warm water, approximately our neck for 15-20 minutes a day.

It’s fantastic the number of medical advantages you can get from one hot tub; by being in a hot tub with air and water blowing jets you can relieve tension from almost every part of your body.

Being able to recline in a molded seat that is geared up with jets that are concentrated on your sore spots, whether it’s the back of your neck, or your lower back or calves, you will have the ability to discover relief with a hot tub. The very nature of being in water, with its buoyancy impact takes an incredible amount of gravitational pressure that is with you when you are not submerged in warm water. In some cases the pressure lifted can equate to approximately 30% of your body’s weight, or weight mass, and there is a lot more that can be done under these conditions.

The capability for individuals who struggle with arthritis are able to get some workout while in a hot tub, people who have problems with balance are much more likely to be able to move around in water in a hot tub and spas for hydrotherapy have even been utilized in centers that treat people who are the victims of burns.

Isn’t it remarkable to think about the relaxing in warm water could be so recovery? This understanding, of water being a therapist, goes back to Ancient Egypt who would motivate individuals to bathe in the warm waters and they even went a step further and added essential oils to further boost the promotion of relaxation.

Throughout the Roman Empire the big thing to do to relax was to partake in the public baths and you could even integrate some company with your relaxation time as the Roman baths were considered as a social environment rather than a method of excellent health.

Hot tubs for Hydrotherapy are more than just warm waters, they are fitted with jets that will, with the use of air and water, soothe worn out muscles, massage muscles that are tense and they can be tactically positioned to focus on any body area that is necessary.

Are you searching for a reason to acquire a hot tub for hydrotherapy? It’s a wise choice because of the money you can conserve by not needing to go to a rehab for your workouts, or to a healthcare facility, but is something you can treat yourself to at any time of the day or night. The benefits of hot tubs with hydrotherapy far out weigh any expense since you can’t put a price on your health, not to mention your psychological health also, which is significantly improved when your physique is feeling well.

The bottom line is this, you can’t fail if you’re searching for a hot tub and why not equip it with the hydrotherapy jets, it’ll just get better.

Now that you have all the reasons you need to rush out and buy a hot tub, we have one more thing to help you get the most benefit from it. Imagine getting all relaxed in your hot tub and then straining yourself trying to get a heavy awkward hot tub cover back onto your spa.

Washing your aches and pains away in the warm embrace of pulsating water jets followed up with getting your blood pressure up because you get angry while putting the heavy hot tub cover back on the hot tub is pointless.

At SpaCap.com, they have been building Custom Hot Tub Covers for thirty years. Imagine a hot tub cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required.

Don’t let all the good your hot tub can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Visit SpaCap.com right now and check out their Custom Hot Tub Covers

Keeping Your Hot Tub

If you own a hot tub, you know the excellent benefits it can pay for anyone who happens to utilize it, you understand exactly what it cost, and now you need to know the best ways to correctly take care of it. One research study by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, found that an overwhelming 77% of hot tub and spa owners think that cleaning and keeping of their system was simple.

With just a couple of steps, your hot tub can last for many years, and any effort to keep it around for a few more years is worth at any time that is had to assure the durability of your hot tub.

If you have a spa from a few years back, or one that is new but made from wood, the most important thing you can do to extend its life longer is to hang out, as soon as a year, refinishing the wood surface areas. If you live in an environment with varying temperatures and weather condition patterns, you probably already understand how much damage can be done to wood, when it is left vulnerable. The skirt which covers the beyond your hot tub is no different and a fast journey for some supplies to your house enhancements shop will be well worth the effort when you tub lasts for several years, and still looks excellent, too.

One part that is common in every spa is the filter which needs to be cleaned with a hose pipe every 3 to four months. It will normally simply need the water from the hose, however if you discover that it’s not coming spick-and-span, there are filter cleaning services that you can use that will look after that for you.

Another function on a spa that requires your attention is the Hot Tub Cover An evaluation monthly of the cover will ensure that you understand any wear and tear that might have to be dealt with, which is a big security problem, specifically if there are kids around. The other upkeep required of the security cover is to be sure to clean it down, at least, as soon as a month. Once again, the longer your hot tub lasts, the more you’ll get out of it and by these few ideas of cleansing and maintenance, you can be sure that it will be around for a very long time.

Believe it or not the reason most people eventually stop using their hot tub is that the Hot Tub Cover gets to heavy. Because it happens slowly you may not even realize it is getting heavier. It just becomes more of a struggle to get off and on until you just use it less. Then one day you get a power bill for heating bill and decide it’s time to stop heating water that you never get in. Don’t fall victim to a heavy foam filled Hot Tub Cover just because that is all the local dealer had to offer. Check out the custom Hot Tub Covers made by SpaCap.com that use air instead of foam. They insulate better and stay lightweight for years, plus they are as easy to use as taking a comforter off your bed.

As far as draining and refilling the hot tub itself, the best guidance is to be sure to check out any directions that come with the system and/or talk with the dealership where you acquired the product, they will constantly supply crucial information that must be read over or followed, relating to the re-filling of the hot tub. Depending on the size of the spa and how diligent you are about keeping the chemicals stabilized will also play into the time frame of when to refill the tub and drain.

It’s important to bear in mind to perform a fast water test before each usage of the spa, and to have on hand the products you may need to balance and a lot of producers advise utilizing some sort of sanitizing or chlorine tablets as soon as a week. That will keep everybody safe who is enjoying the hot tub and is one more little method you can extend the life time of this great resource!

If you have a hot tub from a few years back, or one that is brand-new however made of wood, the most crucial thing you can do to stretch its life longer is to spend time, when a year, refinishing the wood surfaces. The skirt which covers the exterior of your hot tub is no various and a quick trip for some supplies to your home enhancements store will be well worth the effort when you tub lasts for years, and still looks great, too.

Why Your Hot Tub Cover Stinks!

Hey, no offense, however your hot tub cover smells bad. Maybe you’ve gotten used to it?
Don’t worry, it occurs to all spa owners at one time or another; water is one of nature’s most erosive compounds. Moisture seeps in and ends up being trapped between the outer vinyl shell and the plastic wrapped foam cores. The warm, damp environment is perfect for mold and mildew and other forms of smelly things.
If moisture has actually penetrated further into the plastic wrapped foam core, the cover becomes waterlogged, which can quickly grow all sorts of dark and foul-smelling slime, but likewise make the cover truly hard to get rid of, and not as efficient at keeping the heat in the spa. Time for a better kind of hot tub cover

Smelly Hot Tub Cover?!?
• Broken or damaged. Cracked foam cores, ripped or worn spots, torn joints. A hot tub cover that loses it’s arched roofing system line, to keep water draining pipes off correctly, will ultimately begin to puddle water, which is probably time to purchase a brand-new hot tub cover! A spa cover with threadbare spots in the vinyl is also bad news, and although you can ward off the unavoidable with a duct tape repair, the water will win, eventually.
• Not Removed Regularly. Eliminate your hot tub cover weekly for 2 hours of airing out. A much better cover can endure longer durations, however it’s a good routine to eliminate the cover and let it get some air on a weekly basis. If you can easily open the zipper to allow wetness to get away do so, however don’t get rid of vulnerable foam panels unless absolutely essential.

Actually, this is just hogwash. The problem is the foam itself. It would be great if it were put into use in a totally dry setting. Unfortunately, hot tubs by their very nature are filled with warm water. Warm water creates steam and steam rises up and gets into the cracks and crevises in the foam until it gets so heavy you can’t lift it anymore. The only way to avoid it is to never put it on the hot tub.
• Poorly Made. It’s easy to make a hot tub cover with tape and staples, but it will not stop moisture extremely well. Even the very best foam filled Hot Tub Covers with vacuum-wrapped and heat bonded seam are not going to keep the extreme moisture from your spa from reaching the foam core. The only genuine option is a hot tub cover utilizes air to insulate instead of foam.
• Bad Spa Water. If the spa water is not kept routinely with sanitizer and filtering, or is not surprised often enough, germs and algae can take advantage of a hospitable environment to grow. Low pH, high chlorine or high ozone levels can also degrade the underside of your hot tub cover cover. Because the cover is so near to the spa, it absorbs the chemistry of the spa. Clean, clear and hygienic water is the very best environment to prevent foul-smelling spa covers. (Sorry but this is simply BS) The reality is the areas in the foam are nearly laboratory conditions for growing mold and mildew. Your spa chemistry is not going to stop that.
• Not Cleaned/ Conditioned. For outdoor Hot Tub Covers, unless your back deck is covered or your spa remains in a gazebo, you have sun, rain, pollen, dust, contamination, and animals to contend with. If you have a partial roofing, that can be worse than no roofing at all, if an overhanging eave drains water onto the spa cover. Tidy and condition a spa cover 2-4 times per year, so that it constantly looks excellent, and is protected from the elements. Once again, this really isn’t going to stop the mold and mildew from growing inside a foam cover. But it will assist your spa dealer pay their bills.

Your Choices

Repair Your Hot Tub Cover!
• Remove to Safe Location: This primary step might appear apparent, but you require a great location to allow the cover to sit undisturbed from family pets, wild animals, and winds. It needs to be a warm place if possible, or a dry indoor place with low humidity can also be used.
• Deodorize & Disinfect: You may not have to do both, it’s best to be as gentle as possible. Do not use household cleaning products on your spa cover, odd chemicals can wind up in your spa water. Gently clean all exterior surfaces with spa cover cleaner, and allow the panels to dry.
• Remove the Panels: Again, this need to be prevented if possible, because the panels might end up being damaged during removal or cleansing. However if you identify that there is something slimy inside, you can generally unzip and get rid of the panel for a cleansing inside and out.

How frequently does your spa dealer expect you to do all this? If your hot tub is protected from a lot of sun and rain, two times per year. If it’s exposed it needs to be 3-4 times annually. Let that sink in a minute.

Better Choice
The easiest remedy for a foul-smelling hot tub cover is to simply purchase a various sort of hot tub cover A foul-smelling swim spa cover merely suggests that your cover is taking on wetness, and things are beginning to grow! Hot Tub Covers from SpaCap.com that doesn’t use foam however has actually sealed air chambers instead will avoid giving the mold and mildew a location to grow in the first place.